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Casa Batlló doesn’t usually sell out but it’s worth buying tickets online anyway because they’re a few euros cheaper. For example, if you will be travelling from Barcelona (zone 1) to Mataró (zone 3) you need a 3 zone ticket, travelling in zones 1-2-3. If you do decide to use the metro to get to and from the airport then you should think about purchasing a Hola Barcelona travel card which allows unlimited transport within zone 1 by metro, bus, train and tram and costs €14.67 for 48 hours when purchased online. How do I find out if Universitat Autònoma station is within zone 1 as it isn’t on a zone map – would I be able to use the T-jove for zone 1 for this journey or would I need one that reached further out? Consult the plan of the global integrated railway network on the ATM website. The T casual will be unipersonal, meaning that it can’t be shared between two or more people travelling together. If you haven’t booked your hotel yet, I recommend that you search on and look for a hotel near to Passeig de Gràcia train station. This year, the new T casual is going to be introduced on January 1st 2020. If so, your best bet will probably be to purchase a 3 zone T-usual (price €75.60). More importantly, Barcelona airport is in zone one on the TMB map and zone 4 on the RENFE map! -----Tckets integrated with the rest of Barcelona´s transport Integrated tickets are valid for metro and other public transport in Catalonia. Since there are 4 of you, that works out as a total of 12 individual journeys. Tarjeta Hola BCN! Sounds like you will be living in central Barcelona and travelling to Mataró for work and will also want to move around Barcelona at the weekends a bit, right? I’ve been searching for the information about the Coloni Guell. There is a travel card for under 25s called the T-jove which gives unlimited travel for three months but it’s too expensive to be worthwhile buying for a short stay. This means that if you purchase a single RENFE ticket from the airport to Sants train station it will cost you €4.60 whereas if you purchase a T-casual travel pass (10 journeys by bus, metro, tram and train) the same journey on the same train will cost just €1.13. The exception of the metropolitan fare is applied when travel is between these municipalities and an area 1 municipality, and if a specific ticket or travel card is used. Remember that you can manage your alerts from the My favourites If you have activated the notifications service on your mobile please remember that to receive them in your device, you should update the TMB App to the latest version. Timetables here. However, the T familiar has the advantage that it also covers metro and bus as part of the same journey so it may work out cheaper. So if you decide to go by bus you’ll need to buy your T-usual or T-Jove beforehand at a metro or train station. Plan metro Barcelone interactif. We are planning to see Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo, Barri Gotic, La Rambla and we will be staying near H10 Marina Barcelona. You can, however, use a one zone T-casual for both trains and buses to Sant Feliu de Llobregat. As you are probably already aware. You’re right. Neuf lignes de métro différentes et 144 stations de métro font que le métro est le moyen de transport le plus rapide de Barcelone. The rides will be 1.25 euros each, which is only .25 more than the T-10. For us, we have a group of 4, that may only need 4 rides. Hi, We are three people travelling to Malgrat de Mar. Having said that, depending on what you are interested in seeing while in Barcelona, you might be better off breaking your trip at a different station in Barcelona. And one more question, monthly tickets can be only for a calendar month like February, March etc.. or also starting with any date for 30 days? If you’re under twenty-five then, depending on how long you’ll be here for, a T-jove could be even better value. Does this allow me to travel with it as many times as I want within this 3 Zones, meaning going back and forth Mataro Barcelona and as well travelling in Barcelona using the public transport any time of the day? Price €40. Les Zones du métro de Barcelone. From Calella (zone 4) to Blanes (zone 5) you need a 2 zone ticket, travelling in zones 4 & 5. I normally recommend the train for this journey. The Integrated Fare System covers a total of 296 towns in the Barcelona area. Alternatively, the Barcelona Tourist Office sells an integrated ticket which includes entry to the Gaudí crypt and return train travel. Note that from January 1st 2020 the T-10 will be replaced by the T-Casual which will be similar except for the fact that it can’t be shared. Due to the number of complaints from local residents, the T-familiar was hurriedly conceived. Let me know what you’re interested in seeing, how much time you have to spare and which terminal your flight departs from and I’ll try and give you some suggestions. This route is run by Sagales who have an app which can be used for purchasing tickets and checking timetables (more information on their website). But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. These transport tickets on which the metropolitan fare is applied are single tickets and ATM integrated cards, except the T-16. Thank you for explaining the public transport ticket system, I have to say it’s hard to understand all those option on your own. You have still not chosen a password. Theres more information about the different transport passes in this post. Hi, This page is so helpful, many thanks! Allows you to transfer from the train to the metro etc as part of the same journey. Thank you for all the information already! We should point out that Lines 6, 7 and 8 actually form part of the Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC), and not of the Metro, but the tickets and transport passesare the same as for the Metro. From what I read, the T-familiar is a closer replacement to the T-10 for visitors. A 5 zone T familiar, which can be shared between the 3 of you, costs €40 and the single train ticket for this journey costs €5.50 so on the face of it, it looks like it would be cheaper to purchase single tickets. *Note: The T-casual and standard single journey ticket are valid when travelling to or from any of the other stations on the L9 sud metro line. In this way, you are not penalized for changing transport. Enregistre le plan du métro sur ton téléphone, tu gagneras ainsi un temps considérable et ça te permettra de mieux planifier tes déplacements. Sitges and Urb. Alternatively, if you are staying nearer to the train station then the train company has laid on a shuttle bus. This gives you unlimited travel (as many times as you like) within 3 zones for thirty days after the first time you use it (not calendar months) and would cover your commute to Mataró plus use within Barcelona. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Pour prendre le Métro de Barcelone, il faudra comptabiliser chacune des zones et acheter un ticket en fonction du type de zone(s). All of which stop at Mataró. Barcelona residents) because the new T-casual will cost more than the T-10 which it replaces whereas the T-usual will be cheaper than the current T-mes. For example, you could take the metro from your hotel to the Sagrada Familia then again from the Sagrada Familia to Casa Batlló. To get from Barcelona to Mataró you take the R1, final destinations listed on the screens at the station: Mataró, Calella, Arenys de Mar, Blanes and Maçanet-Massanes or the RG1 to Figueres and Portbou. We sent an e-mail to so you can activate your account. For the day that you travel to Port Aventura you will need a separate ticket since Salou is outside the ATM travel zones. Instead you have to purchase a special Airport Ticket which costs €5.15 for a single journey and which is only valid for the metro*. Then on the last race day one person would need to purchase a single train ticket (for the 9th journey) plus use one journey of a one zone T-familiar to get from the train station to your hotel. Change stop name to identify it more easily: Due to a communication problem with the TMB server, the changes to the notification settings could not be saved. Unable to log in due to a communication problem with the TMB server. Hospital de Sant Pau – Barcelona’s Other Art Nouveau Building Site, Single train Barcelona – Montmeló €2.80 (one way), 2 zone Bonotren (10 journeys by train only – multiperson) €16.35, 2 zone T-casual (10 combined journeys by train & metro – unipersonal) €22.40, 2 zone T-familiar (8 combined journeys by train & metro – multiperson) €19.00. More information is available at “Conditions of Ticket Use” and on the ATM website. Will I have problems to use Hola BCN card in my everyday travel from Placa Catalunia? Single train ticket from Blanes to Barcelona €6.95. By bus, take the Monbus from terminal 1 to Sitges then walk 5 minutes to the train station where you can catch bus L3 which stops near Urb. Click on the map above to see a version which you can print out. Blanes is in zone 5 on the ATM map, Lloret is outside the ATM zones (see map linked to in the article above). Remember that you can manage your sites and journeys from the section Places and journeys, Forgotten your password? That way you’ll be to take the train from the airport, plus easy connection to Montmeló and close to the main attractions for the days you won’t be at the racetrack. Thank you so much! The T-casual is currently “multiperson” which means that the 4 of you can travel together using one card. Single bus or metro ticket price within Barcelona zone 1 €2.40. These cookies do not store any personal information. I plan on only using the metro and i just wanted to know if camp nou is within zone 1? As always, if you’ve any questions leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to answer them. Le samedi, les lignes circules non-stop.En semaine, on peut prendre le métro de 5h du matin jusqu’à minuit.. Les lignes du métro. Remember that if you also want to receive notifications on changes in the line, you should add it to your favourites. Whereas 4 one zone T-días will cost €42. The best option for transport from the airport to your hotel depends on where you will be staying in the city. However, if you compare the maps side-by-side you’ll see that there are several discrepancies. Do you want to receive unplanned changes that affect this metro station or line)? Because of this, I don’t normally use the airport metro stations when travelling to or from the airport (more information here). Unlike London, the entire city of Barcelona and some adjoining towns are within Zone 1. While T-familiar will only have 8 trips, they still can be shared among a group of people. Hello Richard This article is very helpful. There’s a free shuttle bus between terminal 1 and 2 if needed. When you purchase a single-journey ticket you can simply select your destination, no need to worry about which transport zone it’s in. The prices you need to compare are as follows: Which you should choose will largely depend on where you are staying in Barcelona and how much you expect to be using the metro within Barcelona on the days you won’t be going to the track. The only exception is if you will be travelling between two consecutive stations which happen to be in different zones. To get to Montgavina from the airport by public transport you can take either the bus or train to Sitges followed by the bus from there to Urb. If we travelled to Port Aventura, would it be better to buy a separate ticket for this? Les numéros de zone augmentent au fur et à mesure que vous vous éloignez du centre-ville. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Assuming that your child is 4 years old or upwards, you’ll have to purchase him/her a full price ticket. There’s more information about the T-casual and other transport tickets here. You might have read about the T-16 which is a travel card for children between 4 and 16 years old. This might sound confusing but it basically means that if you are travelling from the city centre then these towns, which are effectively suburbs of Barcelona, are in zone one. Cela signifie qu'avec un billet de métro classique comme avec vos abonnements touristiques Hola Bcn ou Barcelona Card, vous pouvez rejoindre n'importe quelle station de métro en ville. The integrated fare system covers a total of 296 municipalities divided into 6 fare bands and sectors. Or is there maybe another option that would suit us better? All the places that you mention are in zone 1, so you could purchase a T-día for each of you. This means that if you start your journey in zone one the towns are effectively in the same zone and you can use a one-zone ticket or travel pass. Les 11 lignes du métro de Barcelone (huit lignes classiques et trois trains terrestres) sont aussi rapides que n’importe quel système de métro en Europe et peut-être plus important encore – elles sont climatisées.

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